Snack Attack: TINA


This week I’m featuring Tina – the person that inspired this blog series. I met Tina a few months ago when a mutual friend suggested her as someone who would enjoy running the Ragnar Race with us. Tina was enthusiastic from the get go, and I was immediately inspired by her willingness to tackle any challenge, including high mileage legs! Not long after she finished her first half marathon, she and another teammate signed up for a full marathon they’ll be completing in 2016! Tina’s story is one of healing, a theme that I think echos through a lot of others people’s stories. I’m so excited to have her and her positive attitude on our team this April!

1.       NAME ? Tina

2.       HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN RUNNING ? A little over a year. I ran before that but nothing crazy and it was not consistent.

3.       WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SNACK ? Can wine or coffee be a snack? Otherwise Plantain chips!

4.       WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE NON-RUNNING ACTIVITY ?  Good conversations over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. I love going to wineries and wish I could visit every singe one because each one has its own atmosphere.

5.       WHY DO YOU RUN ? I remember sitting in Amsterdam with tears running down my face and telling the leader of the school I was in that I just wanted to go home to my parents. I had just had the most horrific summer of my life and had gotten on anxiety medication for the first time. I remember what I felt when he told me that if I went home God wouldn’t heal me because I was home instead of there (it was a missions based school). I remember the rush of memories that flooded me the previous months, going to prayer session after session, having leaders asking me to repent of my anxiety, the constant panic attacks, mind racing, depression, and finally it getting so bad that my mom had to fly to Europe to see me because I couldn’t fly home. So when this specific leader told me this, it was the last straw. I remember how scared I felt packing my bags and leaving in the middle of the night because he told me I had to stand in front of the entire school and tell them why I was leaving. I remember the months after when I was terrified to pray and had nothing to say to the God that cared about missions more then a person’s well-being. I remember starting to run at home and when it started slowly feeling like prayer. The short runs were not long enough to convey what I was really feeling. The distances started getting longer and the longer they got, the more I had time to think about who I was, who God really was, what were my dreams, biggest fears, and that God was not limited to the wrong picture people had and will continually paint of him. All of my runs reflected all of those quiet times with God, running by myself without distraction, learning to pray in a new way, and feeling healed and refreshed. As I think back to that sweet time, I am so thankful for every mile.


Masquerade Half Marathon // San Antonio, TX // October 2015
Chosen 5K // New Braunfels, TX // November 2015



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