March Wrap Up (& looking ahead)

Guys I’m bored.

I’m honestly a little shocked it took this long, but yes. I’m sort of bored with my closet experiment. My boredom crept up fairly early into March. I had a strong first week out and had already queued up this recap post with outfit pictures from those first few days. And then….the weekends hit. Unpredictable weather is one thing – an overly warm February made me think March would get too warm too quickly too. However dressing for the weekend vs dressing for work looks very different for me as the weather warms. What’s a girl (with too many clothes) to do?

I know realistically it means exactly that – I have too many clothes. Specifically clothes for those times when I’m NOT bound by work constraints. However it’s the weekends and casual wear (and sometimes really fancy wear!) that I live for getting dressed up for. I’ve always had a problem dressing according to the rules (thanks Catholic school uniforms – this is on you).

So again – what to do? I could just abandon the project completely. I would feel pretty guilty about that though. Not to mention my Type A tendencies would like for me, at the very least, to finish a full six months (although my original target was a full year’s cycle). While weather-related issues surprised me by coming early in year, I always expected the issue of work vs. weekend wear to be a problem June – August. I also know part of my ennui is due to the plethora of spring attire splashed across every window and online ad imaginable.

I could also take a step back and reassess my methods. There’s no doubt the capsule closet wardrobe has been a HUGE time saver in both getting ready each morning, and when I’m packing for a trip, so there is MUCH to be said for that. Each month, I’ve also been able to find and remove clutter, and give older pieces new life. My problem is simply that I miss getting dressed those days I do have time. Those days I want to pick out something to wear to a friend’s birthday or baby shower. Trying to project my mood 4 weeks ahead of time is just that – TRYING. Between HR codes and wearing workout clothes 6-8 times a week, I guess getting dressed is one of my little luxuries.

I believe the answer is out there. I also believe it involves me going back to the start – to the WHY of this project, and the WHY of loving to get dressed. I have become my friend Q – analyzing, reason, rethinking. Wheels are turning – suggestions welcome! In the meantime, here’s a recap of the monthly (mostly).

March 1-4

In what may seem slightly contradictory, my favorite time to wear scarves is in the spring as is evidenced above.

March 5-9

Yes that’s 5 days and 4 outfits. That’s because I skipped real clothes and *most* responsibilities on Sunday (although I did get our taxes done, that counts for something right?)

March 10-11, 14-15

No words for how much I love the faux bomber jacket and a dark lip. Makes me almost miss fall. ALMOST. So yes you’ll see another weekend skipped here because some days call for cozy baseball tees and chucks.

March 16 – ???

Genuinely started to lose track of outfits for a few days. I know I rewore the orange long sleeve shirt with flare jeans at some point, but I don’t know where that picture went.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I wore this lovely blue skirt in NOLA last weekend. I also wore my beautiful blueish purplish painterly dress but again-no pictures 😦



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